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You might need to spend about half an hour in the dark to let your eyes get used to the reduced light.

Stargazers should be warned that moonlight and the weather can obscure the shows. The Quadrantids give off their own New Years fireworks show. Compared with most other meteor showers, they are unusual because they are thought to have originated from an asteroid. They tend to be fainter with fewer streaks in the sky than others on this list. There are records from ancient Chinese astronomers spotting these bursts of light more than 2, years ago. This shower comes from Comet Thatcher, which journeys around the sun about every years.

Its last trip was in and its next rendezvous near the sun will be in Its sister shower, the Orionids, will peak in October. Specks from the Eta Aquariids streak through the sky at about , miles per hour, making it one of the fastest meteor showers. Its display is better seen from the Southern Hemisphere where people normally enjoy between 20 and 30 meteors per hour during its peak. The Northern Hemisphere tends to see about half as many.

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They come from Comet 96P Machholz, which passes by the sun every five years. Its meteors, which number between 10 and 20 per hour, are most visible predawn, between 2 a. It tends to be more visible from the Southern Hemisphere. The Perseids light up the night sky when Earth runs into pieces of cosmic debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle.

The dirty snowball is 17 miles wide and takes about years to orbit the sun. Its last go-round was in They zoom through the atmosphere at around , miles per hour and burst about 60 miles overhead. The Orionids are an encore to the Eta Aquariid meteor shower, which peaks in May.

Turn Right at Orion: Travels Through the Cosmos

The Leonids are one of the most dazzling meteor showers and every few decades it produces a meteor storm where more than 1, meteors can been seen an hour. Cross your fingers for some good luck — the last time the Leonids were that strong was in The Geminids, along with the Quadrantids that peaked in January, are thought to originate not from comets, but from asteroid-like space rocks.

The Geminids are thought to have been produced by an object called Phaethon. If you manage to see them, this meteor shower can brighten the night sky with between and meteors per hour. The Ursids tend to illuminate the night sky around the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. They only shoot around 10 to 20 meteors per hour.

Nicholas St. Fleur is a science reporter who writes about archaeology, paleontology, space and other topics. He joined The Times in The time that it's telling you to look at is Now, how you explain that it took shape at 2. But, it did. In his book Bauval points out that the importance of the Pyramid Texts, the oldest extant religious writings on the planet, has been trivialized by Breasted and the Egyptology establishment. But, properly understood, he says, they provide the key to the symbology and purpose of Giza.

He says, There is a link between the pyramid texts and the pyramids, i. We begin to understand that the Pyramid Texts are not mumbo-jumbo at all. The message tells us that we are dealing with a dual landscape, two horizons. That is why the Egyptologists have missed out in finding the Sphinx in the Pyramid Texts, because the Texts speak of the Sphinx and the pyramids in cosmic terms. When they mention Orion, they mean the pyramids. When they mention horacty, they mean the Sphinx.

Once you understand this trick you can make the correlations from the cosmic to the terrestrial. Once these masked references in the Pyramid Texts are deciphered, they can be seen as a sort of travel guide, or triptik, for Horus, the dead king, as he makes his way back to rejoin his father Osiris, in the stars. But his journey is not only through space.

According to Bauval, it is also a time journey. What we've recently discovered is that in Egypt in The Pyramid Texts speak of the time of the original Osiris, and of the original Horus. They believed that there is a lineage of kings that emerges from this first time, and that the king is supposed to return back to his origins in time. So basically the king uses the Followers of Horus to travel back.

Orion SpaceProbe II 76mm Altazimuth Reflector Telescope

And the flux that he travels on is precession. That's why precession is built into this ancient architecture. They give us the date 2.

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  • So far, Bauval had given us some fascinating new insights into the ancient Egyptian star religion, but had drawn no inferences. But at this point, the interview took an unexpected turn, as Bauval entered some new and daring territory. We asked him what sort of people could have designed such an elaborate and complex plan stretching out over 8.

    We're looking at a scientific way of thinking that is totally alien to us. It seems that we have a device that was built to work with time. It's a sort of calendar that these people, the Followers of Horus, built in order to be able to trigger certain events in the future. One of the things that they knew would happen, and they timed it, was the Pyramid Age. The Egyptians believed that certain individuals came from a divine origin, and these individuals had the ability to return to where they came from.

    There is something that we haven't yet quite understood about our capabilities.

    The Quadrantids

    Because we feel uncomfortable with it, we use words like spirit, soul, intellect, whatever. But there is something about us that may possibly be able to travel in time or in space. Now these people seemed to know about it, and they went to a lot of trouble to create a condition that somehow allowed this to happen. We call it ritual, we call it initiation. You can call it what you like. But they seemed to think that it was only possible to achieve it through a certain condition when the harmonics were right, when everything was right.

    How to Watch

    It has something to do with stone; it has something to do with scale; it has something to do with a mental state. You have to be able to take yourself to the threshold of a journey, and the journey seems to be returning to a time when immortality was known. This explanation seemed to approach Edgar Cayce's claim that the Great Pyramid was a temple of initiation.

    We asked him to elaborate on this, and his reply was surprising. We seem to be dealing with people who were convinced that they had a science of immortality, and they built something that they felt was a device to achieve it. Bauval was obviously referring to the priests at Heliopolis.

    But his description of their activities and goals strayed far from conventional Egyptology. What I think happened here is that we have a very powerful nucleus, a messiah-making academy if you like, at Heliopolis, that maintained the origin of an idea, maintained something, whether it's in physical form, whether it's the Hall of Records, whatever.

    They were the keepers of it. And they maintained it to a point where they finally were able to physically create a place for it to rest forever. My impression, based on the evidence, is that we're dealing with people who seem to know their origins, who knew where they came from, literally, and they wanted to maintain this knowledge of their origins forever, never to be lost. They seem to have been able to keep it for a long period of time, and finally found, perhaps within their own academy, or outside, an individual who could wield the nation in order to build what they had in mind, to find a repository for this knowledge of origins.

    There were 2. And then it does happen. They find the right guy, they find the right moment. And the point in time is 2. And then their mission was accomplished, and they left. Although there are no ancient astronaut implications in his book, it was beginning to appear that he may have now begun to think about it, so we decided to turn the conversation in that direction. His response was startling, and placed his entire body of research and theory into a totally new domain. His answers put the capstone on his discovery, and suddenly it all made perfect sense. We could see that this was obviously not just an add-on idea, but was seamlessly integrated into his theoretical framework.

    Bauval first argued that the Pyramid Texts were directing the dead king specifically to a place underneath the Sphinx. We are led to conclude that by following the instructions, we reach a date of I'm translating the message as it is written in the Pyramid Texts, and on the monuments. And he's supposed to arrive at the region called horacty when he's finished his journey.

    And there he's arrived at the time of the gods, and this is declared to be the place of the first time. What he's told then is that when he reaches here, he's at the entrance of the necropolis.

    Reinventing Space Flight

    And now comes the terrestrial journey. It's said that now at this entrance he has to find the astral body of his father, of Osiris. So from here, he has to go to the pyramids, which are behind him, which we know represent the astral body of Osiris. But he is actually told to go under the Sphinx. The message is to find the astral body which is behind you, you have to proceed to that point.

    And what we find there is a plaque in front of the Sphinx, a stele. And on it is written, This is the place of the first time. Surprisingly nobody has picked up its meaning. The time had now come to ask the obvious question, the key question; what were the origins that the priests were so jealously guarding?

    Where did they come from?