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Selleks on kunstnikul kasutada interaktiivsus ja performance. Ta esindas Hispaaniat Veneetsia biennaalil Michelangelo Miccolis s.

From Icon to Iconoclasm, From Word to Image, From Symbol to Allegory

The tour-guide speaks about this artist but at the same time is not informing the visitors about anything. The public is left empty-handed because all materiality seems to be evacuated from the situation. What will happen if the supposedly active element, the work of the artist, is eliminated from the formula? It works like a chemistry experiment where the active element in a substance comes to be known only by eliminating every other element.

What will happen to the elements that are left: the museum as context, the expectations of the public, the verdict afterwards, and other unwritten rules of contemporary art? All of a sudden, these invisible elements become visible and are horizontally placed without an artwork that could distract the attention, exactly because the artist never presented it. An uneasy feeling fills the empty space where the absence of art rules. Early examples of this include Alla bellezza tanto antica In Praise of Such Ancient Beauty - , which had two pythons on the stage, followed by sheep, some goat and six baboons on the stage of La Discesa di Inanna Inanna's Descent - Claudia Castellucci is one of main philosophers of the group who has written numerous articles and other texts since the s, including theoretical pieces on how art and life inter-relate.

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Moreover, the company sought to create new modes of expression beyond those traditionally found in dramatic art. For instance, they organized a series of rhetoric actions, the so-called oratorie starting from Tragedia Endogonidia expresses Claudia Castellucci's basic theory, initially touched upon in early works, that it is necessary to negate traditional theater language as every detail of the performance implies and reflects the entire point of it, and make that point universal.

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Subsequently, the performance Il Combattimento , from Montevedi's eighth book of madrigals, explored the sources of Western Opera. In , their home base became what is now the Comandini Theater in Cesena. The society is a community of artists who disdain the values of a world they feel they do not belong to.

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The group is part of a movement in Italian theater in the s and s, where members did not necessarily have a background in theater, but were influenced by rock music, poetry, comics, television, advertisement and movies to create works with strong visual impact, in which linear coherent narrative was absent most of the time.

SRS development was distinct from their contemporaries in that they widened the definition of theater, using fragmented works, artificial silence, violent sounds and haunting music, including children and animals in performances along with the simple presence of bodies marked by aging, anorexia , obesity and illness, as well as animals and even self-operating machines as performers. Exhibitions include Rhetorica.

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Their first award came in with the Special Ubu Prize for contributions to experimental theater. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatre Research International Theater Journal: — University of Brussels. Retrieved May 9, Comune di Cesena.