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He casts Lara as a strong, intelligent, emotional, flawed heroine. Kerry holds no grudge because he knows how much Lara loved him. Both these characters were ripped apart by the event, yet they are still in love with each other.


Their relationship is told in the flashbacks, and the campaign is covered in the present. Like I said before, though, this is not a romance. There is, obviously, a lot of politics involved, and the campaign action rings true take it from someone whose husband works for a Congressman and has seen many campaigns from the inside. You can tell this man has done his homework.

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Patterson also keeps the action moving. The last thing I want to emphasize is the way these characters made me think.

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In fact, they made me think quite frequently and I found myself agreeing with their sentiments I already agreed with some, but this is not a political forum. I thought this was an intense, sometimes thought-provoking novel, with lots of authentic background research.

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If political novels appeal to you as a change of pace from romance but you still want a novel with certain romantic elements, try this one. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Reluctantly stepping into his shoes, Kerry becomes fired by idealism and decides to seek the presidency himself. There is a dark secret in his past, however, involving an affair with Lara, a beautiful reporter for the New York Times yes, she was named after the heroine in Dr. Its disclosure could sink his carefully weighed position on abortion, and his candidacy to boot.

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Also in his past was a boy whom Kerry, as a young lawyer, saved from a murderous father and who now, paradoxically, wants to kill candidate Kerry on behalf of the pro-lifers. These strands are all woven together in a series of flashbacks in the course of a few days during the vital California primary, and Patterson, old pro that he is, milks the tension for all it's worth. The political detail is authentic, although Kerry's positions are the kind you always hope in vain a politician will take while his smooth opponent, the vapid incumbent veep, is a thoroughly believable contemporary villain.

But Patterson is really only playing with political ideas, though he does so intelligently enough. The cliched romantic writing lobster cooked on the beach on Martha's Vineyard, many sighs and silences and the trite melodrama of the young assassin show where the heart of the narrative really lies--not that the glossy approach will deter a large readership.

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